How to Become a Beauty Queen

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Today is such a great day for all the Filipinos out there. We ranked as first in the recently held Miss Universe 2012 at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. Although we didn't win the crown, what Ms. Philippines Janine Tugonon accomplished surely made another milestone for the Philippines and for all Asian beauties!

For sure some of you are all dying to look like a beauty queen in one way or another. So in this post, I will help you achieve the beauty queen in you. Let's list down some characteristics that we like in a beauty queen and how are we going to achieve it.

Let's begin:

The Skin

Beauty Queens seemed to have the perfect hair and makeup all the time. They look flawless - almost like a living barbie. Their skin radiates like a diamond when they ramp on stage. 

If we want to get close to a beauty queen skin and makeup, all we need to do is to get enough sleep, drink water and eat healthy foods. I know these are so obvious but it's true. If our skin stays the same even though we followed the healthy way of nourishing and feeding our skin with proper nutrients I guess it's all up to the way we put makeup on. Concealing is the the key to hide those unwanted bags and blemishes that we don't need. Makeup will give us a quick solution to look like a beauty queen but it won't last. So if we really want to look like one we have to do the longer process but definitely worth it.

The Posture

Next thing we need to learn is to have the most famous stand and "arrive" of a beauty queen. Standing straight is one thing but ramping in high heels with perfect posture is another. That's how beauty queen roll. So what do we need to do to achieve it? Couple of things, we need a pair of high heels and a book on top of our head. This is the traditional proper posture in walking drill but it works!

The Brain

Being a beauty queen is not only about the looks. We also need to widen our knowledge especially on current events and world issues to be able to win the crown. Feeding our brains with relevant issues rather than gossips and negativity will make us real beauty queens. As the saying goes, Knowledge is Power and it really is. Only with knowledge can we overcome difficult challenges in life.

The Winning Smile

What's so remarkable about beauty queens is that they always give their best smile to the crowd. No matter what happen the show must go on. Even though they made mistakes they still look pleasant and glamorous. We should embody that positive attitude if we really want to be beauty queens in our own rights. We should always smile to the world even if the world is not that kind to us. Always flsh those winning smiles in whatever life my bring to us!

I hope this simple post will help us bring out the beauty queens in us. We should always remember that being a beauty queen is not only a title and a crown it is about the responsibility to change the world and lend a helping hand to those whose beauty is still kept in the dark! Shine bright Beauty Queens!



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