Holiday Makeup Ideas :)

Hello Awesome Readers~

Christmas is just around the corner and I bet a lot of you are all busy wrapping gifts and getting all the ingredients ready for the Noche Buena. With all the things you need to take care of - gifts for family, officemates and loved ones - neglecting how you look is totally unacceptable. Dress up if you need to besides Christmas happens only once a year so you better make good memories and capture great photos this beautiful season.

During this season, Christmas parties are left and right. Big events like this and holidays get-togethers are two of the most important events that you have to prepare for. I know it's never easy to choose what clothes to wear even what what makeup to put on. So I made this blog post just for you. I want to provide 3 different looks you can use this season but with a twist. We will be using GLITTER to make our look stand out and make our eyes noticeable among the flickering lights.

So let's begin~

This first look is all about being fierce! Intensify your eyes with dramatic wing. Add some glitters to make it more enticing! If you choose to make your eyes standout, use nude colored lipstick to make it complete. 

Second look is all about the lips! You can pair your shinning shimmering eyes with a gorgeous glossy red lipstick. This look is more of a sexy sultry look great for fun Christmas Parties with friends or colleagues.

The last look is all about colors! Play with different colored makeup glitters to make your eyes pop even more. Do not be afraid mix and match different colors that will compliment each other. Embrace color and live like your young!^^


Here's my simple take on glitter makeup look. If you want to know how I did this, click HERE!

Love you all! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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