Weekend Happiness :)

Hello Awesome Readers~

How's your weekend?

Mine was really stressful yet super fun! We had our company Christmas party last Saturday and I had a wonderful time with my colleagues. The best part of it my Team won in the team presentation! wohoo!! ^^ I am so ecstatic about this because we've been practicing non-stop to have the best performance in our Christmas Party. Glad all our hard work were all worth it!

Then, last Sunday, Pagibig and i went to Greenhills to canvas some RTW that his sister can sell in their province and I was able to spot some really cute arm candies that are so in this season. But I must tell you, Greenhills items are not that cheap compared to Divisoria that's why I really don't recommend you buying a whole lot of stuff in this place anymore especially this Christmas season. I noticed that the price range is getting steeper considering it's a bazaar/ tiangge so definitely not the best place to shop cheap items.

But then I decided to score these cute neon arm candies that I bought for a 100php each in Greenhills for I've been really wanting to get one of these arm candy designs. The wonderful neon colors plus the spike detailing made it appear a lot edgier that the normal arm candies that's why I decided to buy these. When I look at it, it reminds of KPOP music videos and artists. They are like these arm candies, cute, fun looking, colorful yet edgy!

I also got the cutest lipstick I've ever owned as a gift from a really thoughtful and sweet Mommy, Ms. Mae Ann. It doesn't only look cute but it also smells good! ^^ Love the shade of this lipstick as well!

Last but not the least, Pagibig's aunt gave me this perfume when she arrived from Japan last Saturday! I super love the smell! It immediately became my favorite smell for the month! ^^ 

There you go guys, just a quick post of all the cool items I received and got this month! I will be doing a whole lot of reviews and tutorials for the next days! ^^ Thanks for reading~

Did you like the arm candies?



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