Makeup Spotlight: Nichido Gorgeous Eye Pencil Girl's Night Out in Pink Diamond

Hello Awesome Readers~

I've been meaning to buy a salmon/flesh eyeliner for the longest time. Beauty experts say that salmon toned eyeliners work  better in brightening the eyes of Asian skin tone ladies rather than using white eyeliner. It is more natural looking and it doesn't look obvious when applied.

So i searched last Sunday to find a perfect salmon/flesh eyeliner that wouldn't be so expensive. Trinoma Landmark usually have a variety of choices to choose from especially when it comes to makeup and cheap makeup brushes. I spotted one in Nichido counter and I immediately asked the SA if they have any testers. But sad to say they didn't have that time, so what I did was only to assume that this pencil will be the pencil I am looking for.

So here it is Nichido Gorgeous Eye Pencil Girl's Night Out in Pink Diamond.

Nichido Gorgeous Eye Pencil Girl's Night Out comes in various colors. The colors ranges from bold and bright colors to muted and nude ones. Each Nichido Gorgeous Eye Pencil costs 80php. It's perfect!

The pencil comes with it's own build in smudger so it's a plus. But for this color, i don't think I'll be needing the smudger so I might just use it in some other eye pencil.

When it comes to opacity and quality, I must say that this pencil glides on smoothly and it does have great pigmentation. Pink Diamond looks fleshy and matte on the stick but once swatched it has this metallic finish to it. It looks fleshy on first sight but when looked up close it has this obvious pink tone to it that I wasn't really looking for, but this one is definitely a keeper.

When I tested in on my waterline, it doesn't transfer that well on one first application so you really need to reapply more. On skin it does work well but on water line you need a little bit more though.

No eyeliner

With Nichido Gorgeous Eye Pencil Girl's Night Out in Pink Diamond

Overall, I am happy with this liner and I've been using it since then. I would definitely purchase some more colors of this eye pencil collection from Nichido.

What do you think? Let me know!



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CJ said...

I didn't know they had this! Been using their concealer pencil for the waterline because they're pretty useless as concealer. And they're too creamy and hurt my eye because of the bits. Thanks for this! :)

Arrienne said...

HI Cj! Thanks for leaving a comment! Glad I could help! :)