Beauty 101: Back to Basics: Moisturzing+Priming+Concealing/Correcting

Hello Awesome Readers~

Are you still new in makeup and are wondering how to properly apply it on your face? Then fret no more, I am here to share tips and tricks on basic makeup application just for you!

Just like any other profession and subjects, makeup application has it's own guidelines to follow. But I am not saying that these guidelines should be strictly followed. Sometimes, you also have to discover your own techniques that will work well with your skin and with your future clients and create a whole new set of guidelines on your own. Let me share to you my own steps/steps I learned from my teachers in the workshops I attended and hopefully you will learn something from this.

The most important thing for you to do before any makeup application would be to MOISTURIZE. Moisturizing doesn't only prep your skin for makeup application but it also hydrates your skin and makes it even healthier!

The next step would be PRIMING. Priming is the key to make your makeup last longer. This will also mattify your face to get it ready for the foundation.

Last step for today's first episode would be CORRECTING and CONCEALING. This is the key in making you look flawless and it will also brighten up your complexion.

To know more on how I do moisturizing, priming and correcting/concealing, I made a video demonstration just for you! Hope you check it out and enjoy watching!



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Janet said...

oooh, nice video! I loved it ^_~

Arrienne said...

Hi Janet! ^^ Thanks so much! You are so kind!