Makeup Spotlight: Shawil Show Case Makeup Blusher


Hello Awesome Readers~

Happy Wednesday! ^^ Let me share to you my new found drugstore blush that I am currently loving~

I've been reading a lot of reviews on Shawil makeup brand and I've seen their kiosk in SM department stores and Landmark for a long time now but I haven't owned any Shawil makeup items yet. I've tried some of their eye palettes but it seems that I haven't really liked any of it that's why I skip their counter whenever I visit SM and Landmark. But Sunday afternoon, I decided to check their counter and something caught my eye! It's really cute and I have to give it a try.

Took this baby home now time for the world to see it - my first ever Shawil makeup item! haha :)

Shawil Show Case Makeup Blushes were really adorable. They come in a whole lot of different shades and the best part of it, it's under 100php! You really don't want to skip this out specially when you are on the hunt for affordable makeup items that WORK wonders!

I really wanted to have an orangy tone blush, so that's my aim so browse through the Shawil Show Case Makeup Blushes and found one! So here it is, Beach Bronze is the perfect blush that I am looking for! Swatched it and SOLD!

Beach Bronze is an orangy pinky blush perfect for asian skin tone like me! The packaging is really cute! It comes with it's own powder puff and a tiny mirror too! It's compact, it's chubby and it's CUTE!!

Here's the swatch of the product and would definitely purchase more!

Have you tried this one yet?

Let me know what you think?


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Janet said...

the shade is lovely and pretty! ^_~

Arrienne said...

It really is! ^^ Give it a try soon~