Makeup Spotlight: Etude House Oh~ m' Eye Line in Black

Hello Awesome Readers~

Time for another Etude House review! I just recently tried and tested this liquid eyeliner that my friend Kristine recommended from Etude. I am always in the look out for a really good liquid eyeliner that will not only work well but will also make eye-lining easy.

Here is Etude House Oh~ m 'Eye Line in Black. Let's get a closer look and see how this eyeliner performs.

What is Etude House Oh~ m' Eye Line? (198php)

Etude House Oh~ m' Eye Line is a liquid eyeliner that has a brush tip applicator that provides semi-matte finish. It claims to be long lasting and smudge resistant. It is available in 3 variants - Black, Gray and Brown.


Staight to the point.
Simple and handy, you can simply throw this in your purse

Doesn't come in a box, ingredients and longevity are not determined


Good consistency
No pungent smell
The brush applicator is SO GOOD!
Pigmentation is great!
Long lasting
Smudge proof
Dries easily upon application
Not waterproof
Color selection could be better (add more Etude) 


Superb pigmentation! Really black!!



Long lasting! It didn't fade or chip all through out the day.



I love the brush so much! It's just so easy to use.
Not too soft nor too hard. Just perfect!


Time for the swatches! 

I wasn't able to take a picture of my whole look, oh well. :(


Etude House Oh~ M' Eye Line is a promising liquid eye liner. I super love the brush applicator and how it made the application so easy. It's so soft and easy to maneuver. This is what I've been looking for when to comes to liquid eyeliner's brushes. The pigmentation is also good. It's jet black and it doesn't chip nor rub off. It is highly smudge proof. But the best thing about this eyeliner even though it is smudge proof it can easily be removed by water. Just water will do. You don't need any makeup remover to do the job for you. This will give you less time to remove stubborn eyeliners.

I just love this eye liner to bits! The pigmentation, the application, the longevity - everything! I highly recommend this eye liner to all those beauty enthusiasts who are looking for a good affordable eyeliner in the market!

If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment below and thank you so much for reading! Till next post! Have a great day ahead!

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Anonymous said...

Omygoshhh it cost you 300+? @_@ I bought this two times before and it only cost me 168 or 175 php (I remember that it didn't exceed 200 pesos). I'm a bit shocked at the sudden price increase

Arrienne said...

My bad!! Sorry about that! 198php only! I got confused. I was thinking about a different product pala..:( Sorry! I already edited it~ ^^ Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! It's alright the eyeliner's amazing right? Been using it ever since 2nd year college!!! :)

Arrienne said...

Yup! It's really a good eyeliner! The best I've had so far!! ^^

Krisha said...

Hi! :) I just nominated you at Liebster award! I had fun trying it out and would like you to enjoy it as well. You may visit my post to know more about it:

More power and God speed!