Makeup Spotlight: Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Meduim Beige

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 A good foundation is one of the STAPLE makeup products that every woman should have in their vanity kit. From the word itself, it is the FOUNDATION of whatever makeup products you will be applying on your face. Think of your face as an empty wall, if you are going to do some paint job you have to prime it first and smoothen out some areas so that the paint job will look so good. That is just basically the thought of putting a foundation.

For the longest time, I've been eyeing this Revlon Colorstay Foundation for I heard, read, and watched a lot of good reviews about it, Almost all of the beauty community is talking and raving about this product for quite sometime now. It has been included to some famous makeup gurus on Youtube as one of their TOP DRUGSTORE FOUNDATION finds. Because of this, my eagerness to get a hold of this product intensified even more!

What is Revlon Colorstay Foundation? (825php)

According to Revlon official website they claim that Revlon Colorstay foundations are long wearing coverage with a lightweight formula that won't cake, fade or rub off. It will make you look flawless throughout the day.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation comes in a wide range of colors that is perfect for any skin tones. Not to mention their considerations on people's skin type, hence the combination/oily skin and Normal/dry skin variants.


Simple yet classy foundation tube
Glass container is a big PLUS especially when preserving the product
The lid locks in tightly

Tends to get messy as time goes by and this can also cause contamination of the product.
Hard to control the amount of product you'll be needing


Very good consistency. Not too runny. Not too creamy.
Easy to blend 
Semi satin finish
Great coverage - Medium to Heavy
No pungent smell - if there is it's definitely tolerable
Didn't break me out
Shade selection is awesome!
Matches my skin tone
Definitely Lightweight!
Long lasting
Doesn't transfer

Sticky once applied
Tends to be cakey
settles a little bit slow (tolerable)
Has tendency to settle in fine lines 
White cast on flash photography


Really good pigmentation.
Covers minor blemishes in one swipe


Lasts a good amount of time compared to my other liquid foundations
Can sustain Philippines humidity

Can oil up around T-zone but nothing too crazy


Smooth application
Can be blending using hands or makeup tools

NO PUMP! Hard to control the amount of products coming out of the bottle.

Here are the swatches!! Before and After


Revlon Colorstay Foundation is such an amazing foundation. It really is a good investment in your train case. I said investment because it is priced a little bit higher compared to other drugstore foundations available in the market. But for it's price, I can definitely say it's worth it! The product's consistency, coverage and performance is really GOOD! It won't really disappoint you! 

Although there are some areas to improve mainly on their packaging, this foundation can work well on Philippines climate! Cheers to that! If you are still hesitant to give this a try, I am telling you this is a sign and a go signal to go ahead and bring home a this foundation soon! If you are too acidic, this might oxidize on you, just a little trick though, pick a shade lighter than your skin tone if this is your main concern. It will do the trick!

Watch the Demo and Review here to see how I applied it~

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Pauline Reyes said...

Where else can I buy the color stay foundation?

~Pauline @Kallony

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SM department stores or online stores~

Anonymous said...

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