Makeup Spotlight: Marionnaud Large Makeup Palette Review

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Over and over again, I've been mentioning how much I love makeup palettes since they you really can save up more instead of buying singles.

One of the best blessings I got last Christmas was a makeup palette gifted by my boyfriend's mom. This wasn't the first time she gifted me a makeup palette coming from this brand. And what put me in awe this time is the amount of product you can get in this palette.

This is Marionnaud Large Makeup Palette from Paris. Sounds familiar right? Because this is the same brand we have in here minus the makeup line they have. All we have in here are their makeup brushes which was not a bad thing. But I am just so thrilled to know that they actually carry makeup palettes like this.

This Marionnaud Large Makeup Palette consists of 80 eyeshadows, 6 blushes, 3 compact powders, 34 lipshines, 12 lip glosses, 1 eye pencil, 4 applicators, 1 blush brush and a mirror.
That is definitely a Large Palette, don't you think? It is complete palette.

The eyeshadows per say are all falling betweenpearly to shimmery finish. The pigmentation is also promising. Most if not all colors are very pigmented. It also have soft texture and definitely easy to blend and are buildable.

The lip glosses and lip shiners on the other hand, are very sheer once applied. I didn't expect much on these lip products from the looks of it, they are just your typical lip glosses included in palettes like this.

The blushes including the highlighters and contours are one of my favorites on this palette. They look and appears to be pigmented and are really beautiful against my skin. This will really come in handy in most of my makeup gigs.

The eyeliner is worth reviewing as well. It's creamy and pigmented in one swipe. It's also really jet black.

This makeup palette also includes 3 foundation shades that will come in handy especially when you are working with different skin tone clients or you can also use the darker shade for contour as well! Brilliant isn't it?

Over all, this Marionnaud Large Makeup Palette is definitely an All-in-One makeup palette. The colors and the pigmentation are amazing. This will definitely be a great addition to my growing makeup stash! 

Unfortunately, this makeup palette is not available in the country but you can check Marionnaud website to see other makeup palettes they have. But I am not so sure if they ship abroad. Don't fret because there are tons of makeup palettes that are available in our country that is almost similar to this palette like the Sephora Large Palettes and ELF Large Makeup Palette too.

Do you like Large Makeup Palettes like this? What makeup palette do you use? Let me know in the comment box below.


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