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Reading is honestly not my favorite hobby. I must admit that I am more of a visual learner and would usually get attracted to visual presentations like pictures, videos, colors - just about anything that is moving and visually entertaining. But books are generally just black and white text and plain so it's really out of my spectrum. But just when I thought I could never fall in love with reading books, I found what I have been looking for. Books that are not only of my interest but also with amazing illustrations and diagrams that will really make reading so fun!

Here are the two of my favorite books that I have been reading and contemplating on since the day I found them and fell in love with them. These are beauty and style books perfect for a woman like me!

First love is Lauren Conrad Style book. I have heard about this and I've been wanting to have my hands around this book and when I finally got the chance I didn't let it go! Just like how you met your long lost love, that's exactly how cheesy and weird my feelings towards owning a book like this - Lauren Conrad Style book. Not only how gorgeous Lauren Conrad is and how famous she is in Beauty world that I was convinced to buy her book, but it was also the content that her book has that will make you fall in love right when you started turning the pages one by one.

Lauren Conrad Style book is full of bits and pieces of her personal style, a lot of tricks of the trade especially on confidence, building your wardrobe, makeup essentials and even on travel and even life and beauty hacks too. Super full of information any beauty enthusiast like I do need. 

I got this book for only 455php last year in Fully Booked BGC branch. I am not sure though if this is still available since this book was launched 4 or 5 years ago. But books like this never go out of style~ 

My new found love is the book of Georgina Wilson and Solenn Heussaff "Besties". This one I recently got and this book will make your eyes open about how media and the showbiz industry can really change your perception of beauty. Besties will show you who Solenn and Georgina are as normal human being and their life experiences and learning along the way. Besties is just like Lauren Conrad Style book with loads of stuff about beauty, style and travel but this is more on the deeper level because Solenn and Georgina are famous celebrities here in the Philippines so reading their life's rants and what not is more relatable because it's Philippine setting. Reading this is so much fun and every chapter will reveal another personality and identity of these two best friends.

I got Besties in National Bookstore in Cubao for only 180php+ . Super cheap yet such a good read!

Have you owned any beauty books like this? I would really love to know!
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