Strobing Makeup Trend

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Have you heard about the newest makeup trend "Strobing"? This is such a big trend now on social media especially on Instagram where are a lot of celebrities I know and Youtube makeup gurus have been trying and sharing their take on this trend. If you are a bit unfamiliar about this trend, let's learn about it together shall we?

What is Strobing?

Strobing is generally about highlighting facial features where the sun will naturally hit. It's bringing forward features to create a glowing and youthful look. Some people say "Strobing is the new contour" but it's not. It's just highlighting given a new name.

If contouring is more on creating shadows to slim down the face, strobing is more on creating glow or illuminating the face for a fresh looking finish. 

Strobing should be applied on the highest peak of your check bones, along the nose bridge, in the middle of the forehead, on cupids bow, tip of the chin and brow bones for a better looking finish. Best products that should be used when strobing are cream based highlighters or liquid ones for it has long lasting result and better glow. 


Strobing, unlike contouring, is a lot easier since there are no harsh lines needed to blend because you are working on a very light product. However, strobing has also limitations too. Since it brings forward features where the sun naturally hit your face, over doing this might also highlight unwanted zits and blemishes. If your skin isn't as perfect as some celebrities we see on Instagram, you better be careful in doing this. Strobing has also tendencies to make you look oilier than normal since illuminating requires glitter or shimmer.

I have yet to try strobing and I will make an updated post once I have given it a try. ^_^ 

Have you been strobing? What are your thoughts about it?

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