Clown Contouring Makeup Trend

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Here's another makeup trend that I have read and discovered recently. Remember my post on Strobing as a new way of contouring? Well, here's another way contouring trend that is happening all over social-media especially on Instagram and Youtube.

This is Clown Contouring. Let's dissect this one by one. As you obviously know, Clown makeup is all about the white pasty look with overly drawn lips and harsh cheek blush lines. It is made for the purpose of covering ones true identity or looks for a comedic performance. Contouring on the other hand is all about creating shadows to hide or to minimize the look of a certain part/feature of our face. Now you guessed it, Clown Contouring is mixing these two styles in order to create a really flawless makeup look.


Clown Contouring was "coined" and popularized by Makeup Artist BellaDelune on Youtube as a way of expressing herself through makeup. Through her video she emphasized that wearing makeup is a form of art and we should all have fun creating looks we want. She also added that we don't necessarily have to wear this too much makeup everyday to feel or to look beautiful instead this is just a reminder that makeup is fun and is one great way for us to express ourselves.


She combined different shades of concealer and contour to specific areas to correct and hide blemishes then blend everything away with a sponge and the result was just so stunning! I never thought that mixing and contouring this way will result to a beautiful work of art! Trully, makeup is soooo fun! ^^

We should give this a try soon!

Have you tried this trend?
What do you think about it?

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