Brush Egg Saves the Day!

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Don't you just think that cleaning makeup brushes is such a chore? Well, I do. I am guilty on this, I tend to get lazy brushing my makeup brushes (personal makeup brushes) especially cleaning them takes time and doing the manual technique which is of course swirling it on the palm of your hand to take the products away is just so time consuming not to mention a very slow process too.

Hail to this new technique in cleaning and this is the Brush Egg. It's called as such because of its shape. This Brush Egg really saved me so much time in cleaning my makeup brushes plus the added bonus of how great this Brush Egg is in cleaning stubborn makeup residue stuck in your makeup brushes.

Brush Egg has specially designed horizontal lines that will act as a cleaning tool to run through your makeup brushes to cleanse it better. On top of the Brush Egg are dots that is also of great help when you are cleaning small brushes.

What I do is to apply mild shampoo on my wet makeup brushes then just like usual swirl it all over the Brush Egg and you'll instantly see its wonders. Brush Egg can clean thoroughly even my foundation brushes that has really thick and stubborn products in it. This can just take up less than a minute to clean each of your brushes. Super time-saver!

All you have to do is to insert two fingers like so in the gap of your Brush Egg and hold it facing the rougher area then start swirling and cleaning your brushes with so much ease! I super recommend you guys to try Brush Egg if you haven't.

I got mine at a bazaar at Megamall for only 100php at Chedelyn's Cosmetics Collection. They also have facebook page so you can just search for them.

Have you tried this?
What do you think about it?

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