EB Advanced BB Cream Review and Demo

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Time to give spotlight to another local product in the market for our makeup review today. You know how much BB Creams are getting ever so popular in the makeup world and our local products are also jumping into the bandwagon and started releasing their own versions of BB creams.

Here`s EB Adavnced BB Cream Whitening in Oriental. One of my lovely subscribers suggested this product for review and I am just so glad she did. Honestly speaking, I am not a fan of BB creams from Korea and other contries because they all make me look super oily towars the end of the day so buying a new BB cream locally is something I am a bit hesitant. But with thorough research, I finally gave in. So here`s what I think about it.

What is EB Advanced BB Cream Whitening? 220php

A whitening, foundating and a moisturizing cream all rolled into one! Unveil fairer, more flawless skin courtesy of this all-in-one cream. EB Advanced BB Cream Whitening provided a flawless coverage while concealing blemishes and dark spots and protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun. With the help of its potent moisturizers such Shea butter and Vitamin E, it richly moisturizes your skin to make it soft amd smooth.

What I liked about EB Advanced BB Cream Whitening?

1. Good coverage
2. Matches Filipina skin tone
3. No white cast in flash photography
4. Blends well and provides flawless finish
5. Affordable and readily available

What I didn`t like about EB Advanced BB Cream Whitening?

1. Not much color selection. Has only 2 shades Natural and Oriental
2. Can make my skin oily after 3-4 hours of wear
3. Whitening effect is not noticeable

Overall, EB Advanced BB Cream Whitening is by far the closests to my skin tone BB Cream I have tried and owned. It suits Filipina skin tone and Philippines tropical weather as well. It has good coverage which i really like because it can really hide blemishes in one application. Aside from the above mentioned things I didn`t like about this BB cream I think this can really work well for an everyday BB cream and is a great alternative for other expensive BB Creams out there. I recommend this product for those who are into BB creams but would not want to spend much money on it.

You might want to check my YOUTUBE DEMO AND REVIEW about this to further help you in deciding whether to buy this product or not~

Have you tried this before?
What are your thoughts about it?

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