NYC BB Cream Instant Matte Review

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Today, i will be sharing my experience and thoughts about NYC BB CREAM INSTANT MATTE. I recently got this and it was featured on my latest HAUL. I have been in a constant hunt for a really good BB Cream that will work well and will be within budget. I also just reviewed EB ADVANCED BB CREAM and you might to check it out if you haven't.


Provides instant mattifyinh coverage.
Minimizes the appearance of pores and lines.
Beautifies, smooths skin
Minimizes the appearance of skin imperfections
Brightens skin tone for a healthy, flawless complexion

What did I like about NYC BB CREAM INSTANT MATTE?

1. Very blendable
2. No fragrance.
3. Good consistency
4. Affordable
5. Brightens my skin complexion

What I didn`t like about NYC BB CREAM INSTANT MATTE?

1. No coverage at all.
2. Didn`t live up to what it claims to be.
3. Has only 2 shades to choose fron.
4. Not locally available. I bought this online.
5. Didn`t cover any of my imperfections.
6. Oils up easily on my combination skin.

I did a first impressions review and demo on this on my Youtube channel and i really suggest you go and check it our for you to see what I mean about not living up to what this NYC BB CREAM INSTANT MATTE claims to be.

I am pretty much disappointed about this product and would not recommend this to any of you unless you have the perfect skin. I wore this for an entire day after the demo i did on my Youtube video and it really didn't take long before I grease up. I don't know if this product will be of any use to me but i will just try to make this work as a base for my other foundation just to give this product a chance.

Have you tried this product before?
Did it work for you?

Till next review!~


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