And the Grammy Award Goes to...

                                             Hello AWESOME Readers~
Here's my first ever post in this blog I recently created. I never had the interest to blog and write so many stuffs in the internet but because of this growing need to widen my connectivity and to always keep in touch with my virtual and social friends and to keep them and myself updated, I had come to a conclusion to finally put this beautiful blog up! *confetti and audience clapping* :D

Anyhow, let's get into the reason for this post. As everyone knows, the 64th Grammy Awards just recently concluded and there had been numerous talk about it. From the winners to the style and makeup looks for such prominent people who joined the ceremony. And as a makeup lover, I cannot just let this thing pass by without me taking a shot on how these gorgeous artists looked that night.  But I got to be honest, I only had y eyes fixed to these two wonderful singers who blew the Grammy Award by storm. I am pertaining to the one and only *my favorite* ADELE ...sigh..*dies* and Taylor Swift!

They are just so stunning and their looks are just to irresistible! I really have to try it and see how I will look on it and somehow pay respects to these wonderful icons in the music industry!

So allow me to take you back to the Grammys and let's see one more time the AWESOMENESS of these wonderful ladies.

                                                     Photo from: yahoo entertainment

Photo from:

Here are some pictures of the GORGEOUS Adele in her long glittery black grown and her classic hair and makeup. And may I just add that her clef chin is the most beautiful clef chin I've ever seen!!

And here's the Country Singer beauty Taylor Swift:

Photo from:

                                                 Photo from: yahoo entertainment
She's wearing a sequined  gown with a lot of back details and her sweet and fresh makeup look! PERFECT!

From these inspirations,  I finally gathered my courage to try out Adele's look today and here's what I have created:

Not exactly like hers, but I really tried my best to get the essentials of her look. Not bad right? :))

So here are the products I used for this look:

For the face:

  • MYRA-E DAILY SUN PROTECT as my moisturizer.
  • Ever Bilena Mousse Concealer in Beige for my under eye and around the corners of my mouth
  • ELF ALL COVER STICK in Apricot Beige for my foundation
  • Ever Bilena Foundation Powder foundation
  • Saizen Eyebow Pencil
  • NYX BOX OF SMOKEY PALETTE for all of the eyeshadows and cheek powders
  • Avon Super curlacious mascara  
  • Sophie Paris Lipstick in Russian Red
Hope you try it out guys and have fun!

Here's my youtube video showing how you can recreate this Adele look:

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Thanks for reading~~


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Nadya Joy Soetanto said...

taylor is absolutely gorgeous

Janet said...

Loved your inspired did an amazing job! really gorgeous!! followed you..^_^~