NYX Super Model Pallet and Ballerina Pink Lip Gloss

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Have you heard about NYX?

For sure you do. NYX cosmetics has been the most raved about makeup brand in Youtube or even in blogs for as long as I can remember. 
A lot of famous makeup gurus has been featuring this brand on their channels creating an even more curiosity to their viewers. But for a lot of ASIAN viewers, we are not fully aware of it since NYX products are not widely available in country at the time people hyped about it. We just learned about it through watching videos and through reading US based blogs. So let's discuss some questions that I have or we might have about NYX cosmetics.


As I was searching for meaning of NYX cosmetics, I found this article about the Greek mythology God NYX. Let me quote wiki 

"In Greek mythologyNyx (Νύξ, "night"), Nox in Roman translation is the deity of the night. A shadowy figure, Nyx stood at or near the beginning of creation, and was the mother of personified gods such as Hypnos (sleep) and Thánatos (death). Her appearances in mythology are sparse, but reveal her as a figure of exceptional power and beauty. She is found in the shadows of the world and only ever seen in glimpses."

At first, i thought this might be irrelevant to the true meaning of NYX cosmetics for I think NYX is an acronym of something about beauty but it turns out I am right. 

I decided to scan the NYX website and here's what I found:

NYX was named after the ancient Greek goddess who ruled the night. We offer a variety of products ranging from eye shadows to foundation and brushes to eye lashes and glitter to glosses. Everything a professional makeup artist needs for the job or a goddess needs to create her look for a night on the town and rule the night life in this modern techno-savvy world.

Now that we are clear about the meaning let's proceed to some other questions I have.

How good are NYX products?

There is only one way to find out. That is to purchase one and try it for myself. So I decided to go online then I came across this online shop in multiply that sells makeup products including NYX brand and their prices are a little bit lower than other multiply shops I visited so i gave it a try.

Here are my first ever NYX products.

I got the 10 color Eyeshadow Pallet from The Runway Collection in Supermodel and NYX Lip gloss in Ballerina Pink.


I fell in love with this pallet because of the combination of dark colors and some candy colors like pink and baby blue. I found this pallet really flexible and can work both for smokey and less dramatic makeup look.

This lip gloss is super beautiful. The color pay off is also nice and true to what you can see in the tube. It's creamy and the consistency is great for a drugstore product.


The NYX Runway Collection in Supermodel pallet is really pigmented and has good staying power. Although it's a little bit chalky you can easily counter act it with some nice eyeshadow primer. I especially love the blue colors and the pink one. 

The Lip gloss in Ballerina Pink on the other hand, performs at par with any other lip gloss products out in the market. It is very creamy and has this really nice smell like a bubble gum to me. Love the shine it gives and the color is so like Barbie! I love it.

So to answer the question earlier, how good NYX products are, well I must say that they are worth the rave.

I would definitely purchase more form NYX and discover more of their products.

How about you? Do you like NYX products as well? 
What's your favorite NYX product?
Let me know~

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