How to: Fight Dry Lips

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My day started so fun today. I went to an event together with my best buddies bought in the blogging and real world, you must have met them in some of my post here in my blog. The event was super fun and I had a great time! I will be posting more about it tomorrow! :) But for now, I would like to share another topic for you today.

Remember my post about Maybelline Baby Lips? It's now my new HOLY GRAIL product! It really made my lips super soft and hydrated! My lips had been dry for the longest time and I am on the look for something that would help me cure or if not lessen the dry feeling. Putting on lipstick is such a challenge for me especially when I am working with matte ones. It really does make my lips crack like HELL! haha :) Wearing lip gloss on top of my lipstick has never been my best friend either. It will just make my lips sticky and I don't like that feeling as well. So when I discovered my baby lips lip balm it was such a relief that I can now enjoy wearing my matte lipstick whenever I want to and will not have a problem with my dry lips! 

In relation to dealing with dry lips, I want to share some tips that you can use to take care of your lips and to fight dry lips.



This is the most common mistake that people do with their lips - and that is LICKING your LIPS when it feels dry. Licking lips will actually make our lips even drier because of our saliva. Saliva is used for melting food in our mouth and it contains acid so it will make your dry lips even drier when you make this a habit.



Drink a lot of water! This may sound so obvious but it really works! You can also apply cool wet cloth to hydrate your lips if ever it will still be dry after drinking a lot of water. Unscented wet wipes will also do the trick.



Use a lip balm before applying lipstick to help seal in the moisture and to help prevent any more damage to your lips.



If you have really dry lips, choose creamy lipsticks because it will be more moisturizing than any other lipstick formula out there.



Exfoliate your lips once in awhile to scrape off the dead skin cells that makes your lips chap or dry.

There you go guys~

Hope this post has been helpful enough for all of you who are suffering from dry lips.



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