Makeup Don'ts

Hello Awesome Readers~

It's another busy Monday~ But that nothing can stop me from updating you with some beauty or makeup tips and trends today.

Today, I would like to share some Makeup Don'ts that you want to avoid when putting makeup. These will help you look your best all the time and not be a makeup victim!

Makeup Don't number 1:

Using a foundation that doesn't match your skin tone. 

You know how tricky it is to find a foundation that matches your color but you also know how important this is. You want to make your canvas smooth and perfect without altering your natural color. Choose a foundation that matches your skin perfectly and stick to it. You don't want to look like wearing a mask of powder when you step outside. Stay true to your color and ROCK it!

Makeup Don't number 2:

 Over-plucked Eyebrows. 

This trend is history. Plucking your eyebrows too thinly will not be flattering to anyone at all. Aside from the weird shape, it will also make you look older. If you want to reshape your over plucked eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil instead of eyeliner pencil because eyeliner tends to smudge and it becomes too dark when applied.

Makeup Don't number 3:

Choosing a concealer too light or too dark. 

This might be a little bit confusing. Some makeup guru says that you should choose a light concealer to hide under eye blemishes but it's actually not advisable especially for Filipina skin tone. For concealer we should choose a lighter color that is close to our skin tone. That means not too white nor too brown. It should be a little bit lighter than our skin tone. Again, the same rule with the foundation, the bottom line is it should match our skin.

Makeup Don't number 4:

Clumpy eyelashes. 

Don't get a little excited when putting mascara on. The last thing you want to happen is to make your lashes too clumpy and spider looking. It's unflattering TRUST ME. Just apply one to two coats of mascara and your done. Don't over do it and if you think your mascara is already expired stop using it. One cause of clumping is an expired mascara.

Makeup Don't number 5:
Smudged Eyeliner. 


We all know that smudging eyeliner is one hit trend in applying eyeshadow. But there is a fine line between smokey and sloppy makeup look. If you want to avoid this, use an eyeliner that is water proof and something that is long lasting.

Makeup Don't number 6:

Obvious lip liner. 

 Don't overdo lining your lips unless you want to look like Joker.

Those are all the Makeup Don'ts for today. Thanks for reading!



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