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Previously, I wrote an article about different eye shapes and how you can work with it and enhance it even more. This time around, I would like to talk about one of the most important things we should also consider when we are working with clients and that is knowing their FACE SHAPE.

There are a lot of face shapes but I will only discuss 5 face shapes today. So let's begin~

Oval Shaped Face

It was said that Oval shaped face is the best face shape to work with. If you have an oval shaped face consider yourself LUCKY! It's basically the perfect face shape! You don't need to work on a lot of flaws and you only need minimal contouring to make it look even more flawless! All there is left to do is to make your cheek bones look a lot better by accentuating it and making it appear bigger.

Round Shaped Face

Round Shaped Face is considered to be very youthful because of the round cheeks. For me, it looks really cute to a lot of girls. However, a lot of girls who have round shaped face would like to achieve a sexier and oval shaped face. So here's a little tip for you, use 2 different shades of foundation for contouring. Use the darker shade to the side of the face and to the jawline and use the lighter shade in the inner part. This is one great way to make your round shaped face look slimmer.

Heart Shaped Face

For Heart shaped face ladies  out there, your main concern may be your wide forehead area and narrow chin. You may want to make the widest part of your face look smaller and the trick is to make your eyes stand out! In this way, the attention will draw to your eyes instead on to your forehead. Here's a little trick, use a dark eyeliner and eyeshadow to emphasize your eyes even more.

 Square Shaped Face

If you have a square shaped face, your jaw, forehead and cheeks have the same width. Contouring will be your best friend as well when dealing with this kind of shape. You want to make your face look a little oval and the best way for you to do that is to use shadows. Apply bronzer all over your forehead and below the jaw line. For the cheeks apply blush on the apples to draw attention away from the corners of your face.

Diamond Shaped Face

Unlike the heart shaped face, diamond shaped face's widest area is the cheeks. You want to bring the attention away from it and make it appear smaller. The areas you need to highlight this time is the forehead and chin area. Put highlighters on these mentioned areas to give emphasis.



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