3 Side Dos for Everyday

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Don't you feel like fixing your hair everyday is such a chore that's why you usually go for the "normal" hair style everyday? Well, I used to think that! I, myself felt like fixing hair -  braiding and curling could be such a time consuming activity in the morning so I'd rather look plain every single day. Unless of course if it is a special day.

Little did I know that hair styling for everyday is just so EASY! I was too scared to try things on my own before, now that I finally got the guts to give this a try I regretted the times I looked so boring when in fact I could look better in just few minutes. Seriously guys. you don't need to be an expert just to style your own hair. All you need is patience and a lot of  practice. :)

So here are some easy side dos that you can rock every single day of your life! Whether you want to look extra cute in front of your crush or whether you just feel like it for no special reason, these side dos will be your best friends forever!

Hair style #1 SIDE PONY TAIL.

This is a no brainer hair style you guys. All you have to do is to gather your hair on whichever side you chose (left or right) then do a low pony tail then secure it with an elastic and a cutesy ribbon!

Hair Style #2 Rope Braid

If you are not used to braiding your hair yet with three strands, I bet you want to give this rope braid a try. It's the easiest braid you could ever know. All you need to do is to divide your hair into two then start overlapping the strands away from your face. Then just add more strands as you move along. Then gather everything on the side you have chosen, secure with an elastic then attach ribbon and you are good to go!


Now this last look is super cute! It looks complicated I know, but it's really not what you think it is! You need to braid your hair starting from one side, then start adding hair as you move along. Once you've reached the back of your ear, start adding strands from the other side then carry on with the braid as usual, Keep repeating this step until you reached the bottom, secure with an elastic then you know the drill, attach your favorite ribbon!

Viola! You have 3 different side dos great for everyday! These hair styles will literally take about 1-5 minutes to accomplish depending on the length of your hair! Super easy!!!

Here's my video tutorial on how you can do it in an even detailed demonstration. Don't forget to show some love on my Youtube Channel www.youtube.com/user/mineeh11 by subscribing, liking and sharing my videos! It would really mean the whole world to me! Please don't forget~ Enjoy watching hair tutorials and more!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'll talk to you all again on my next post~


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