Wedding Gig: September Bride

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It's always a pleasure beautifying people on their special day. So when I was invited by my friend to be the makeup artist of a beautiful bride, I really didn't miss the chance. It has been a while since my last makeup gig and it always excites me when I there are new projects coming my way. It's not only another source of income but a sense of accomplishment as well when I get to work on people and make them extra special on their very special day.

This was the beautiful bride. Due to time constraint and forgetfulness, I wasn't able to take her before picture. :( But I am glad that my client liked how the look turned out to be.

To be honest, the bride is so easy to work with. Her skin is in perfect condition and it only take a thin layer of foundation to make her skin even more flawless. I love working with clients whose skin are so "virgin" and pure. For me, they are the best canvas there is for any makeup artists.

My friend Sarah, did the bride's stunning hair. I looks so beautiful isn't it? 

Aside from the bride, I also did the the bride's mother and sister. Don't they look amazing? 

Before I end this post, I just want to thank Sarah for trusting my skills on this and I am just so blessed to be able to beautify people through my skills.

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