Ma2gs Chronicles: The BGC and RACKS Experience

Hello Awesome Readers!~

How often do you spend quality time with your best buddies back in the days? Do you still find time to get together amidst your busy schedule? I do! 

For quite sometime, I was guilty on this. We often get stuck in a busy world of grown up life that we often disregard important people in our lives. So when my best buddies in college got the time to hang out again recently, we made sure that it will be a habit to meet each other every so often to do all the simple things that make us happy and make the relationship last longer. 

Welcome to Ma2gs (Mabeth, Arrienne, Arriane, Granny and Sage) chronicles. They are my beloved college best buddies that I just can't simply live without. That's why I am dedicating a whole new segment for them so you guys get to meet them as well since you all mean a lot to me. We will be doing a lot of exciting things together that you and your best buddies might like to try as well so I think this segment will be perfect for all of you!

First Chapter: The BGC and RACKS Experience.

We chose to hangout on a place a little bit out of our comfort zones, meaning out of the malls. So decided to meet and do our bonding in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) that day. I know it's still like a mall but BGC is kinda different in it's special way. 

BGC is perfect for bonding, strolling around killing time and the best of all taking pictures!!! LOTS and LOTS of pictures!!!

From Left to Right: Granny, Sage, Mabs, Arriane and Me

So we got tired and decided to stop by and eat at RACKS. It was our first time to eat together in RACKS and for me that made this whole experience special. We got the Family Platter Racks Ribs and Chicken (1999). It comprises of  Half Rack Beef Ribs, Half Rack Classic Pork Ribs, Half Hickory Smoked Chicken, your choice of any 2 large side dishes, and a pitcher of Coke. This family platter is good for 6. 

This platter is perfect for an all girl group like ours. The serving is more than enough for our hungry little tummies. We even got to take out some of it! I highly suggest you get this kind of platter for all of you! Super worth the money!

We cannot forget about the dessert!!! We ordered Mississippi Mud Pie (140) and it was a decent dessert I must say. I wasn't a fan of hot and cold sort of dessert so I really didn't fall in love with this but it was good according to the other girls! 

Grabbed from Arriane's instagram :)

According to their site: Mississippi Mud Pie is a moist chocolate fudge brownie laden with gooey chocolate inside on a bed of thick choco syrup topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. It wasn't bad~

I also got to score this awesome beauty book of Lauren Conrad along the way and it made me so happy!!!

I really hope you enjoyed this first chapter of our fun adventures together. I will be posting whole new chapters every month! So don't forget to keep coming back for more!

Thanks of reading!!

Till next post!


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