My Current Makeup Organization + Tips

Hello Awesome Readers!~

I always have this love and hate relationship with organizing my things. I consider myself bipolar under this category. How I organize things mostly depends on my mood. And lately, I must say that I am in the mood to organize or reorganize my things in and around my room. Hence, this sequence of organizing posts about my current organization on my makeup stash and on my office desk.

Let me begin with my current makeup stash organization. This is actually a side table next to my bed that houses some of my makeup collection. And this is the backdrop of some of my recent videos on my channel.

I've had these acrylic makeup organizers for a while now and I used to store here some of my go-to makeup items for everyday. I find it a lot easier to see my makeup items once their in these acrylic makeup organizers plus it also saves my makeup items from all the dusts. I have them sort out from eyes, to cheeks to lips. Also from foundations to mascaras and liners. Acrylic organizer is such a life saver!

I also find displaying some cute  makeup containers or kits can make your makeup counter a whole lot nicer. It gives that added cuteness without trying too hard.

Another one is flowers. You can have real or fake ones it doesn't really matter. Just make sure that the colors you'll choose will compliment the whole peg your going for.

I also like displaying my makeup traincases around my makeup counter. Since the colors of my makeup traincases coordinates with the entire theme that I am going for, I think this will always be a great idea.

 I also got these DIY Makeup Brush holder to beautify my makeup stash even more with matching bows.

I have here a tour video for you guys to see the things even more up close. Don't forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE on my youtube channel as well for more updates on my recent videos. :)

Till next post!

What's on my Desk? Office Edition is coming up next! ^_^


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Chel said...

So cute! I like organizing mine too but yours is so much better.

Arrienne said...

Thank you Chel! ^^ Hope to see yours as well~