Day to Night Makeup (Beginners)

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Do you find it hard to think of what makeup to wear every single day? Makeup look that will work not only for day time but for night time as well? Here's a simple guide to transform your look from day to night without the hassle of starting all over again just to achieve a different look.

I have prepared a simple Day to Night makeup look for beginners that will save you the time to enroll in a beauty class yet still look like a pro!

Here's my easy Day time look. This look is super simple and meant to make you look fresh and wide awake though you didn't really have that much sleep last night! Here are the things you'll be needing:

A neutral palette of your choice ( Mine was ELF LITTLE BLACK BOOK Day Edition)
A simple pink blush
And last but not the least, a peachy pink lipstick of your choice (Mine was Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in Pink Punch)

Now for the night time. You want to go darker for night time. Choose colors that will compliment teh colors of your eyes then darken those lips as well. Here's what you'll need:

Use the same neutral palette of your choice, just choose the deeper shades available.
Same rule apply with the lipsticks -go darker. :)

Now everything's ready, all you have to do is to follow the simple steps I have provided on my video below then your off to go! ^_^

Hope you liked this post and see you all again on my next post! Don't forget to tag me on facebook or Instagram if you ever recreated this look! Talk to you all soon!


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