Nude and Glitter Nail Polish

Hello Awesome Readers~

Today, I tried something new. I am finally in the mood to paint my nails today. I am currently in the phase where NUDE and GLITTERS are the colours I reach out for the most. I’ve been looking for a really beautiful peachy nude colour for my nails to make it look natural but polished but I haven’t spotted one. Not until my sister and I went to the mall last Saturday and I found this huge section of nail polishes in Landmark and I finally found it! For those of you who had been to Landmark Trinoma, you know exactly how crazy huge the nail polishes section is.  I am not a nail polish lover, many of friends know that, but once in a while I want to try it and do it for myself as well.

The nail polishes in the Landmark are so overwhelming. I don’t know about you guys but for me, it’s a lot! So my sister and I went browsing through each section, when I found the Bobbie Nail polish rack and there I found what I’ve been looking for.  Again, I wanted something nude and peachy somewhat like a pale peachy color and some GLITTERS! Let me show you an idea of what I really want.

Keeping that idea in mind, I carefully searched each racks of Bobbie Nail polish and there I finally saw the two colors I’ve been looking for. So let me show them to you~

I bought Butterfly Kisses and Star Gaze both in GLAZE collection and each costs me 29.75php. I was so thrilled and can’t wait to try it and bring it home.

Here what the colors look on my nails.

Butterfly Kisses is such a sheer color. I needed to apply 4 coats literally just to make the colors appear. I don’t like that at all. I am somehow, sad about this but when I finally finished applying; I finally said to myself, it isn’t too bad after all. This nail polish will give you really simple yet polished nails. I love it!

Now let’s go to the Star Gaze. This polish is LOVE at first sight. The combination of big and fine grind glitters make this so unique. The color is looks so princess to me. I definitely love it!

 Sorry if it's a little bit blurry...My hands are shaky kasi eh :)

What do you think?
Do you like nail polish?
Let me know..



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Aya said...

My perfect peachy nude np is from Etude House. I LOVE IT :)

Been meaning to get one of the Bobbie glitters! I keep on forgetting to pick some up. :/

Hazel☺ said...

i don't have any glitter nail polish!!! i think i need to buy one :D

Chrissy said...

Pretty! I have a taupe that I'd love to put glitters over. :)

~ Chrissy
my beauty blog