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Hello Awesome Readers~

I apologize for not writing to you yesterday, it was really a busy day for me. And I was trying to figure out something yesterday, that is going to be what I will be sharing to you today.
Yesterday, my friend asked me to make a makeup portfolio for an event this October. Honestly, I don’t have any idea how to make one and for sure I am not the only one experiencing this dilemma. So I did some research and I want my awesome readers to know about it as well. So I will be combining all the researches I did in a nutshell to help out those who have no clue how to start making a makeup portfolio like me :)

So let’s begin:


Practice a lot! You can start with your family members or friends for you gain more experience and don’t forget to take pictures of them. If you can’t find anyone to practice with, you can also do it on your own. If you happen to attend any makeup classes, that would be better. Compile all your works and make sure everything was documented.

There are 2 kinds of portfolios – online and printed ones. If you opted for printed portfolios, the standard size would be 9x12 or 11x14. Put these things in a binder with plastic sleeves to make it professional looking. For online portfolios, you can use a blog template or buy a domain especially made for makeup portfolios like this site and make it professional. Remember the key word PROFESSIONAL.

Advertise your work. Contact people that might help your spread the word or even send the links to your friends to let them know about your passion or you can even share to social networking sites to attract potential clients.

Having all these said, I will know present to you a montage of the some of the looks I did in the past until the present.  And here's a link to the makeup portfolio I did..HERE

 I hope this will be helpful~

Thanks for reading still have to conitnue making may portfolio :)



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