Dos and Don'ts in Applying Foundation

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It’s the happiest day of the week again. It’s Friday and I can’t wait for some really fun eat out with friends in a Korean restaurant later.

Today, I would like to share some Dos and Don’ts in applying foundation. I know choosing a foundation is one tricky thing as well but if you want to know some tips on it, feel free to read my previous article about 2 different kinds of foundation you choose from HERE 

Let’s say that you already have the best looking foundation for your skin type, now it’s now time for you to know how to properly apply it and the basic Dos and Don’ts.

Let’s begin…


Always start with a clean face. Remove any excess makeup and other unwanted residue from your previous makeup application.


When applying foundation, it’s best if you do it gradually and slowly. And try to apply to it evenly.


Blend away. Your foundation shouldn’t be visible. If necessary apply until the areas exposed below the neck.


Before moving in to the next stage, make sure you let your foundation settle to avoid cakey feel and look.


Always check in daylight if the shade suits you well and will not make you look like a clown.



Don’t put concealer first for it might get wiped off as you blend.


Don’t put too much foundation on. If you have perfect skin, show it off.

That’s all for now awesome readers. Hope this post will help you look your best every day!


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