10.11.12 Fashion Show

Hello Awesome Readers~


I am glad to be finally sharing some photos about the Fashion Show I attended last Thursday. The Upper East Siders people were too kind to book us this great opportunity to do the hair and makeup of their models in the Fashion show. Because of this great opportunity, i filed a leave in our office just to be with them! ^^ I won't miss this!

So the Fashion Show was held in Patio de Manila in Roxas Boulevard. It showcased a lot of Filipino designers and also some US shoe brands. It was an amazing experience. We got to play around with roughly about 20 models dominated by females. The concept for the model's look is very natural. Just strong cat eye and pale lips. The hair should high sleek ponytail. This was the idea of one of the heads of the show to not contradict the designers clothes. Some designers did  couture dresses and some did RTW with a twist. 

Being in the backstage of a Fashion Show is just thrilling. You don't get to do this everyday. And I am glad that these people trusted us with this job. It fascinates me to see plain looking faces turn into GORGEOUSNESS. The models are extremely tall! They instantly made us midgets! hahaha :) But I love that fact that they are not choosy with whatever product will be used on them and that they were all very friendly.

I am looking forward to another event like this soon! I am so planning to learn more and experience more!

Enjoy the pictures! All credits to Arni's husband Squid Raquid. If you like his photographs click this link to more about him.

Gorgeous Couture dress~

MUA: Arni Raquid! ^^ Very beautiful model~

One of my creations :) She doesn't want to shave her brows that's why I just concealed to groom it.

One of those SUPER TALL models! I think she was the tallest in the batch!

Another of my creation! Love her face, she looks like Angelina Jolie up close!

My model taking a fierce pose!~ Work it girl~!

Same model that looks like Angelina Jolie in the ramp!



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Chrissy said...

Great job on their makeup! That must have been really fun :)

Shari said...

Wow amazing job on the mook-up of the modelz ziztar! :) Anwyay Im a new follower!! :) Cant wait for more posts!

The Misty Mom