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Today, I will be featuring another makeup product that I bought last month. I used it in my fashion show gig in the beginning of the month October. This product really helped me a lot in beautifying my models.

Before I attended the Bridal makeup workshop, I never paid much attention in correcting and concealing. I thought it's only needed for those who have obvious skin discoloration and pigmentation. I never thought it would really help you in achieving a flawless and perfect canvas for any makeup look you want. 

So i searched for a good correcting and concealing palette that will not only suit my desired budget but also become a staple item in my makeup train case. And again, my good friend Arni came to the rescue and recommended yet another great product that i ended up buying. It is the Dollface 15pc Concealing Palette that contains not only different shades of concealers but also 2 great correctors and a highligter.

I've known Dollface cosmetics but i haven't tried buying a product from them. So this is actually the first time I get to try their product. I didn't have the time to order online so i went to their The Ramp stall in Trinoma to get it personally. Great thing it is available that time.

So let's take a look at this Dollface 15pc Concealer Palette.

It came with this nice eco friendly box that has the Dollface Cosmetics written all over it. I like it because it is simple and clean. The palette itself is big enough to fit in your hands. It's lightweight so it won't really be a big problem for you to carry it around.

The back part has this little list of all the ingredients used and the shelf life of the product.

Here's the actual product and the size of each concealer in the palette is a little bit bigger than a 1 peso coin. Not bad.

*I like the simplicity of the packaging. I am really into sleek black cosmetic packaging because it looks clean and professional.
*It's lightweight so it's really good for travelling.
*The products have good pigmentation and it does perform its job. It conceals and corrects decently.
*It has good range of shades to work with. So you will not have a hard time finding the right match for your models/clients.
*You can easily blend it with other colors to create a new shade to match other skin tones.
*No funky smell.
*Can be a good dupe for expensive concealer palettes.
*Reasonable price for only 700php.

*The product once applied can look greasy and oily. So you will really need a setting powder to lessen the shine.
*It has a tendency to cake if not blended well.
*To achieve full coverage concealing and correcting, you have to pack up some more.

Here are the swatches of all the shades including the correcting shades.

The Dollface 15pc Concealer palette is a good find. It performs well when it comes to concealing and correcting. The shades are pigmented enough to cover blemishes and skin pigmentation. For its price it's definitely a good product!

This product deserves 4 out f 5 rating.

What do you think?
Have you tried any Dollface products? Care to share it?



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