Chirstmas in our Home

Hello Awesome Readers~

Can you feel the cool breeze when you step outside in the morning? Do you notice how people are a little bit kinder and sweeter this time of the year? Everywhere I look, I can see bright lights and sweet melodies of familiar songs I hear when I was a child about the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior. And I guess, Christmas is already here~


Christmas in our home came early this year. My father and brother in law started decorating right after Halloween. It's never a new thing for me to start seeing Christmas decors 2 months before Christmas. I guess this is one family tradition I am glad we have. For me, Christmas is the best time for family to get together, to bond and to fill all the empty spaces in the table during the past 11 months when members of the family were too busy earning a living. But I guess, our table will not be complete for a while since my mom and sister are abroad for the same old reason. This has been the same set up for quite awhile now, but I chose not to get to used to it because i think it is still better if they are here with us. That's one thing I always keep on my Christmas list.


Decorating our house is as important as preparing Noche Buena for my family. This has been my favorite bonding time with Papa since he loves decorating so much. Christmas decors really put the icing on the cake. It makes me feel and see that Christmas is really here. We don't really shop for a whole new decor each year. I think it's just a waste of money to not recycle your old decorations. If there is something that we do that is to remodel our decors, mix and match them and add some details that we think is necessary to pull of a whole new concept for each Christmas. I hope you don't mind me sharing today's Christmas theme at home.


So this is how we ended up this year. We decided to have green and yellow for the garlands around our house and colorful when it comes to our Christmas Tree. I really love how it looks now. Christmas will always be my favorite HOLIDAY~

How about you? What's your favorite holiday? Let's talk!



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