Simple Look for Glass Wearers

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They say eyes are windows to our soul. It is therefore important to have beautiful set of eyes. There are lots of ways to beautify our eyes it may be with makeup, false eyelashes and even contact lenses. But the most beautiful eyes are healthy eyes. Our eyes are on of the most important senses we have.

It is easy to flaunt your beautiful eyes without glasses. But how about those who are glass wearers? Don't you think it is also necessary for them to flaunt their eyes even though most of the time it is concealed underneath those thick eye glasses? Some people need eyeglasses to see things clearly.
These people look different with glasses on. Some may look like a teacher or a book worm, while some look even more beautiful with it. People also wear different eye glass shapes. Some prefer thick frames, some would like it thin. Different eyeglasses require different eye looks. It is therefore tricky for some who had been wearing glasses for a long time to pull off a look that will match their eye glass shape.

So today, I would like to share really quick and easy steps that glass wearers can follow when they want their eyes to look extra sexy and beautiful behind their glasses. This look can b worn with different eye glass shapes but most preferably those who wear thin eye glass frames.

Here are the easy steps:


Step 1:
Get your favorite liquid or gel eyeliner and create a sexy thin cat eye around your beautiful eyes. This will make your eyes look sexier and more expressive behind your eye glasses.

Step 2:
Make your eyes stand out even more with curling your eye lashes. This will open up your eyes and will make it more wide awake.

Step 3:
Put on mascara and volume up those lashes. This will make your eye look even sexier. Make sure to apply generous amount of mascara on your lower lashes as well.

Step 4:
Do not forget to conceal your dark circles with concealer to brighten it even more! Then that's it! ^^ Simple and easy! Anyone can pull this off on a daily basis! Hope you liked it~



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Kristine said...

Nice look, Ayen~ Bagay nga sa mirror yung make-up.. :) Gusto ko din mag salamin..