Photo Shoot 04.28.13 NIGHT and DAY

Hello Awesome Readers~

HAPPY FRIDAY and I can't wait to share to you the open photo shoot I did with my photographer friend Jorelle. I did the makeup of the only female model, Anne Soteco that day and here is the outcome.
We conceptualized two different looks for her. The first look was for DAY and it was all about color. I picked some colors from the model's dress - purple, pink and blue. These were all the colors I used on her eyes to make it pop! Then for the lips, I opted for a really bright pink lipstick to put the look together.

Then for the NIGHT look, it was an editorial inspired look that aims to focus the model's eyes! I used dark shadows like deep brown and black to create this look. I also went overboard and chose to go against the traditional eye makeup application to make her look fierce and avant garde.

I really hope you liked these looks and I am so looking forward to another open photo shoot with Jorelle. If you liked what you saw and are interested to have business with us contact us here:

Jorelle Frank Robles (Photographer):
Arrienne Prisno (Makeup Artist):



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1 comment:

Janet said...

I love how you made contrast on two looks! definitely a clear line between day and night!! I'm on the night look more as I love bold and intense look~ It looks just like editorial magazine look! so professional! loved it ^_~