Happy Tummy: Don-Day Korean Restaurant

Hello Awesome Readers~

I recently celebrated my 25th year of existence and I simply cannot ask for more. With all the surprises and the love people around me showered me words cannot be enough to describe how I feel! Huge thank you and shout out to all those people who greeted me and showed they cared!

As a tradition, my boyfriend and I always get to go out together for a simple celebration. We love eating so we decided to try out this Korean Restaurant's fairly new branch along Timog that we really love! We had our dinner buffet in Don-Day Korean Restaurant. This was our first time in Timog branch and we were so glad we tried this branch out!

Don-Day is one of the first Korean Restaurants I've been to or we've been to. I can say that it's really the most affordable all Korean food buffet available in the metro. I've read some similar reviews of Don-Day restaurant and one of them said that their food is actually the closets to the "authentic" Korean dishes tastes.

If I were to compare. Don-Day Timog branch is way better than the Teachers Village's one. The people are more accommodating and the surrounding was so conducive! The moment you step in to the restaurant you'll be greeted with smiling faces and will be assisted properly. One of the owners, I assumed, even helped us out on choosing what to put on our Sampgyeopsal. It was really really kind of him to do so. My bad, I wasn't able to take a picture of him to show you guys. But one thing I didn't miss out was to take a picture of the female Korean boss who was so kind to cook the pork for our Sampyeopsal for us. It was my first time to witness an owner of a restaurant really taking good care of her customers. She talked to us and even recommended what to include in our Sampyeopsal. This is what really sold me! ^^ I love the service of this restaurant!!

So much for the kindest owners, let's go over the food selection this time. They have  good variety of dishes available. From side dishes down to the main course and few desserts. I tried these dishes and I am really happy with the Japchae because it wasn't so oily nor sweet. It was cooked perfectly for me!

Then the unlimited Sampyeopsal meal began! It was literally unlimited because just before you finish the first 2 plates they will send you immediately the next round. We were so full! We also enjoyed cooking the pork on our own table cause it's all built in unlike other Korean Restaurant's I've been to you need to request for it if you want to cook it on your own.

You also don't have to worry about the smoke because the place is properly ventilated with numerous exhaust fan ready to suck out all the smoke from the food you are cooking. :)

Overall, I had so much fun dining at Don-Day Restaurant with my Pagibig and I can't wait to go back with my friends soon! The buffet is all affordable starting with 199 for their Daily buffet (Mondays-Fridays only), 299 for Unlimited Pork Samgyeopsal and 399 for Unlimited beef Samgyeopsal. All buffet fees have 12% additional for the VAT and it was only approved last August of this year so the amount will be a little bit higher. Nonetheless, eating at Don-Day Timog branch was an amazing experience and I highly suggest this place if you are into buffets and if you are just around Timog area. Another restaurant to watch out for!

Don-Day Korean Restaurant
2G-5 Sunshine Boulevard Plaza, Quezon Ave. corner Scout Santiago Barangay South Triangle Q.C. , Quezon City, Philippines

If you have any further questions just refer to their FACEBOOK page here!^^

Happy eating everyone!



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Anonymous said...

ang PAG-IBIG nga naman!! ;)^april^

Arrienne said...

true! thanks hon~~