Dream Coming True: Our Dream House

Hello Awesome Readers!~

For sure we all have dreams that we would like to fulfill someday. But again, if it's not God's will it won't materialize. I am so happy that in God's perfect timing, He gave me the chance to fulfill one of my biggest dreams for my family. And that is to have our very own house. I've been working for almost 6 years, my mom has been working for almost all my life and so is my sister. My dad stands as the ultimate care-giver for me and my nephew since both my mom and sister are currently working abroad and I cannot just sit here and watch them work so hard at this point in time without anything to give back.

Just recently, my family and I decided to start investing on a new house somewhere in Cavite and I am so happy that little by little we are starting to reach our dreams for our family and if God permits we hope to have more investments in the future like cars and our very own business. I know and I am confident that in God's perfect timing, all will come to pass. Our dreams and desires if we pray for it and listen to God's answers whether it may be Yes, No or wait, we should gladly obey.

I hope your dreams may come true as well. Offer them all to God and trust Him that in His perfect timing, you'll get what God's will for you more than what we just want.

Happy weekend everyone!

P.S. In 2 years time, we will finally have our dream house!

Till next post!


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