My Ultimate Guide to Happiness

Hello Awesome Readers!~

It's the start of the new week again! May is here and this is actually my Pag-ibig's birthday week! I can't wait to share to you the adventure we plan to do for his birthday. For now, I want to share something more like a personal post. A little reflection post about life. I just want to motivate you guys to get your week started.

Let me share to you 9 faces of life and my guide in becoming ultimately happy.

1. All is Well

Got this phrase from the infamous Bollywood movie "3 Idiots". When life is getting a little bit more tough to handle always remember everything will be okay and everything will come to pass. Don't dwell on negative thoughts for it will only make you sour and bitter in life and trust me that is the perfect recipe for disaster! Instead give praise and have faith!

2. Have peace of mind

This is something you cannot fake. You may seem happy on the outside but guilty on the inside. Let go of the things that burdens you and surrender it all to God. Ask for forgiveness and move on. Learn from your mistakes and never go back! If you do this, you'll eventually have better sleep at night! 

3. Call for Help

You cannot handle problems on your own. You may think you can but having someone to rely on will definitely make things lighter. You'll get better sooner when there is someone that takes care of you and helps you along the way. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Asking help doesn't mean your weak, it only goes to show that you trust people enough to help you get up again. It's easier to rise up when someone is lifting you up isn't it? 

4. Be in Love

Love has so many forms. You can possess any of it and be totally changed. Stay in love with people who loves you and appreciates you. Stay in love with your job in order to bring out the best in you. And above all stay in love with God and everything else will follow.

5. Live and laugh

Laughter is the best medicine! And I totally agree! If you are someone who loves laughing I believe you can live longer and you will look younger. Go ahead, crack some jokes, don't be afraid to sound silly or corny, if you are around your true friends it really doesn't matter.

6. Stop being SHY

Be modest but not shy. Your world will become even bigger if you are confident with yourself, with the talent God has given you and with the skills you have. Share it to the world and you'll see how great it can influence other people.

7. When it RAINS it POURS

I look at this quotation as to the rain of God's blessings. If it rains it pours! Have an expectant heart. Do not live life like you are always going to be defeated. Stop mopping around when things don't go as you want them to, but instead be happy that God is creating a better plan for you. Rain is not just about tears and sadness, it's also about the abundance of blessings God has in store for you!

8. Be Thankful!

Always be thankful to the blessings that God has given you. Speak words of kindness and see how it will transform people around you. If your heart is full of gratefulness, it will overflow and people around you will be blessed as well.

9. Knock 'em Down!

When you hear words that describes you negatively, people around you bringing you down saying your not good enough, rebuke them for you are fearfully and wonderfully made. No one can tell you otherwise!

Have a great week ahead! 

Till next post!


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