Suesh Makeup Traincase Review

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Recently, I just crossed out one of the things I wanted to invest on my makeup collection. Finally, I was able to buy a makeup traincase that won't just hold and secure my makeup for gigs but will also suit my personality. If you know me and had been reading my blog for quite sometime now, I do love pink, girly things and anything that glitters and shines. 

So here it is! Behold the makeup traincase designed for kikay people like me! My glittery pink makeup traincase from Suesh (3500php)! Gone were the days of boring and unattractive makeup traincase. I super love the way it was designed. From the nice compact design that will suit my body built when I carry it around, it also has compartments which will help you organize your makeup accordingly. You can adjust the sizes of each compartments because of it's amazing feature of detaching dividers. How cool isn't it?

This glittery pink Suesh makeup traincase has 2 sections - the upper and the lower sections. On the top section you can see two slide out compartments. The other one can be extended while the other one is deeper compartments but cannot be extended. 

The lower section is one big compartment that you can also be divided to 3 different sizes if you wish to and you can store here bigger palettes and other makeup tools just like how i did it.

This Suesh makeup traincase also comes with a shoulder
strap where in you can opt to carry it around on your shoulders or just hand held. 

When it comes to it's texture and outside design, i love how the glitters were adhered so well that won't budge even if you scratch it. It's also transfer proof. It feels sturdy and was made with good quality.

However, Suesh makeup traincase particularly this one i bought, is already a little bit heavy on it's own. So just imagine how much weight that can add up to it once you put your makeup in it. 

That's the only thing I didn't like about this makeup traincase. Overall, I really liked it a lot! If you want to know more about Suesh's makeup traincase click the link HERE.

Till next post!

P.S. I got mine at Suesh Trinoma :)


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