DIY Phone Case Using Sharpie

Hello Awesome Readers!~

It has always been a problem of mine looking for a cute and embellished phone casing since my phone which is LG G PRO 2 has no wide selection of phone cases readily available. If you are wondering what my phone is, click HERE.

I really like cute phone cases so what better way to spice up this boring phone case of mine is to do it myself. So it`s time for a DIY!!!

If you read my previous post about my QUICK FRIDAY HAUL then you have seen the materials i have used in this DIY.

Starting off with a plain looking phone case, it can be a jelly or a clear case, in my case i have a boring red jelly case, spray paint it with any color you like and let it dry for few hours. Make sure not to keep checking on it and touching it after just few minutes for it will ruin your paint. Trust me because i just only repeated this step for 3x and it even got to the point that i almost gave up. Lol!! A little side note, it`s my first time spray painting anything hence the ignorance. ^_^

Once it`s all dry and ready to be designed, get your design ready and start etching it on your phone case. Try to be extra careful when doing this since you really cannot undo things once it`s already written or drawn.

I used sharpies for this project and oh boy did they just made this DIY such a breeze. Super heaven sent. No wonder there are so many tutorials on DIY things using sharpies. So expect more DIY creations using sharpies in the months to come!!!~

I originally wanted to design an Eiffel Tower since you already know how much i love Eiffel Tower but i decided not to do it since i am not confident yet with my drawing skills. I might not give justice to it. Hihi ^^ So the birth of this design. This is not my original creation/design i just got it from google and what i love about this is it`s pastel and I wanted to have a pastel design on my phone case.

It turned out fine and I am proud of this creation! Hope you liked it too!

Let me know if you have given this a try and what DIYs you want me to try.

Detailed video tutorial is already uploaded on my Youtube channel so feel free to check it out! JUST CLICK THIS LINK and enjoy!

Till next DIY!


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