Markdown Madness: My newest pair of shoes~

Hello Awesome Readers~

This had been a busy week for me~ I wasn't able to update you so much about what I've been up to and now I am going to bombard you with blog posts to catch up with those days that passed.

Last Friday, I went to Tektite in Ortigas with my co-workers since it's just really a five minute walk from our office cause there is a SALE MADNESS going on on that building. It wasn't what I originally intended to do for I just wanted to buy some snacks or "merienda" but I ended up in that SALE MADNESS with them which is actually, let's just say, a blessing in disguise.

I had always been eyeing for some really good sneakers or stylish rubber shoes that I could use for lazy days and for running errands but I really can't seem to find one that will suit my tastes but most importantly my budget. ^_^ This SALE MADNESS happening in Tektite is actually about a handful of shoe brands that is about up to 70% off. CRAZY DEALS like this is what I am looking for.

So I spotted this really nice Red Marc Ecko shoes that is high cut and really screams out not only comfort but STYLE so I decided to try it out and see if it will suit me~ And VOILA! It's the most adorable pair of shoes and I have to get it~

My problem now is getting it in my size. I was actually crossing my fingers to have it available in my size which is 5~ I know, it maybe the smallest size available for a sneaker or rubber shoes so I'm really really hoping they have it and THANK GOD they do!! So I grabbed it and immediately told myself SOLD~!

So here's my new baby and I hope you like it too just like I DO~ It's such a cute pair don't you think?

Kuya, the sales attendant even offered to even spice it up and style the laces like in the picture and that really made me SO HAPPY!

He actually did only one so i have to learn by myself how to do it on the other side. But of course, my Pagibig went to-the-rescue and help me out~ So here it is guys~

The original price is 3,590php I got it on sale for 888php plus the VAT which is 100+ all in all I paid for 995php for this baby~ SUPER GREAT DEAL!

So I want to know, what's your most comfortable shoes ever?
Leave a comment below~

LOVE: Arrienne

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