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Do you prefer wearing lipstick or just lip gloss on top of your lip balm for summer? 
Some of you might agree or disagree with the idea of wearing lipstick on a hot summer day! Well, i can't blame you~ indulging with your so YUMMY ice cream with your lipstick on is just not going to work. 

But if you'll ask me, according to studies, bare lips can be a cause of skin cancer too. SHOCKING right? So how will we protect our lips from being damaged by the sun? The best way and the most obvious way is to wear lip protections or lip sticks - with SPF preferably. So if you got those lipsticks with SPF it's now the best time for you to use it and sashay it with your BEST SUMMER outfits!

So if you're going to ask about my favorite lip products this summer - well, lipsticks of course, I would definitely recommend these two gorgeous colors great for season~

So over to the LEFT I have lipstick from KOSHIZE called Raspberry. In case, you are wondering, KOSHIZE is under the SOPHIE PARIS direct selling company. They are popular with their bags and wallets but they also have these beautiful selection of cosmetics in their brochure. You could click this link to find more about the brand HERE
And now, over to the RIGHT side we have NICHIDO lipstick in Sweet Pea under their Matte collection. 

Koshize's Raspberry lipstick is one of my brightest lipsticks in my stash. It is really pigmented and what I love about this lipstick is the rich color payoff and also the richness of the formulation. It is not drying at all. It is easy to apply and has long lasting effect. So no matter how many liters of water you drink this summer, this lipstick will not turn you down. It will stay put as long as you won't be eating too much and will be using a lot a contact with your lips. But overall staying power AMAZING!
It just has this tendency to stain over to your cups or mugs because it is really pigmented.
It simply SCREAMS OUT SUMMER for me~ And you notice, that's what I am using and wearing on my banner up top!~ ^^ 

Nichido Sweet Pea Matte Lipstick on the other hand has the most beautiful pink shade I ever owned. It's very Princess like to me and I never get tired of using this lipstick too! 

Another thing I love about this lipstick is the packing. The color on the lid makes it easier for anyone to determine immediately what the shade of this lipstick is. 

You might be wondering why I chose a matte lipstick on a very hot summer day for sure it will just chapped and dry out the lips. You're right! But I have to most perfect combination for this lipstick that I have yet to unravel! And that is topping it off with my favorite lip gloss and here is the picture~

It's my NYX lip gloss in Ballerina Pink~ I love this pairing and the combination is just BEAUTIFUL~
This will instantly turn your dull matte lipstick into a hot sexy color for summer~
So don't fret if you have too many matte lipstick in collection this summer, just find the perfect matching lip gloss then you're set to go! 

So there you guys, those are my two GO TO summer LIPPIES! I really hope you enjoyed reading and before I official end this post let me share to you some swatches of these awesome products just like you!

From Left to Right: Nichido Sweet Pea Matte Lipstick and Koshize Lipstick in Raspberry

Additional swatch of my NYX Lip Gloss in BALLERINA PINK
What's your Go-to Lippy/ies?
Let me hear it from you~

LOVE: Arrienne

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Jel ♡ said...

i love sophie paris and nyx :)

pls visit my blog :)

Miss sunchine said...

hy mineeh !! sweet taste i lOve those color's ;i'm confiouse to by the koshize lipstick in raspberry color or the sugar pink one ?? i don't know how it look's like the pink one ,if u have any idea about it plz tell me :D Kiss