Do you wear makeup EVERYDAY?

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It's Saturday! ^^ How's your weekend so far? Well for me,I'm having a blast! Had some Korean food today with my Pagibig. We ate Ramyun and vegies covered with rice paper dipped in a Vietnamese sauce! Super delicious!

I just want to share some thoughts today about wearing makeup on a daily basis. Have you ever been concerned about your skin after wearing a lot of makeup in the past few years? Don't you think you should give your face a rest to let it breathe? 


For sure, many of you had some similar questions like this running in your head since the day you realized you had been wearing makeup for so long and for a while you had been a dependent on it as well.

Well, I admit that wearing makeup is already a routine for me in the morning, when I get ready for work and when I go to some functional events with friends and loved ones. It has been a part of my life. I cannot even remember when was the last time I didn't wear any makeup at all. 

According to NYC derm Nick Sadick, when asked about this similar concern, if you don't get any irritations or breakouts after wearing makeup, then it's okay to wear makeup every single day as long as you cleanse daily and get rid of any bacteria that can cause irritations. *HURRAY!

Upon knowing this, here are some tips that might be helpful in keeping your face free from any breakouts or irritations:



Obviously!! You should cleanse your face with your favorite facial cleanser designed for your type of skin and stick with it! You can find great drugstore cleanser at your drugstore. For oily skin like mine, go for clear or foam formula. While for dry skin, creamy cleanser will be your best friend. Don't wash your face too often for it will strip out the natural balance of your skin. I do it twice a day, once in the morning and once before I go to bed.



Exfoliating is one of the most important steps in keeping your face fresh and healthy. It will remove the top layer of your dead skin cells and will make your complexion lighter. Exfoliate once a week. Use an exfoliating scrub with micro-beads to not cause any harm to your face.



Your face needs water too. With the help of a moisturizer it will keep your face hydrated and will help you look even younger. When your skin is tight, that means you need some moisturizing. Be careful not to over moisturize for it will clog your pores.


In a tropical country like Philippines, you should never ever skip using a sunscreen. It will keep your skin from aging too fast. Protect your skin from the sun all the time if you want a healthier and younger skin!! :)

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