How to: Bigger Brighter Eyes

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It's another SUNDAY! ^^ What do you enjoy doing during Sundays? Well for me, I love watching ASAP 2012. In fact while I am writing this blog post, I am actually watching ASAP on TV! ^^

Well for today's, How to, I would like to share some tips on how to make your eyes look bigger. I think most of us would like to achieve that really bright looking eyes without going under the knife. Some of you might think it will be impossible for those who have really small set of eyes - well, think again! You can definitely make your eyes bigger by just following the tricks below.



Keep your brows well groomed. You can trim it, shave it or pluck it, any way you want to, to see the natural shape of your brows. Make sure you arc your brows directly over your pupil to make it appear bigger. Next is to fill in the brows by your favorite brow liner and put some high lights underneath your brow to really make your eye pop.



Use a lot of mascara. Choose a mascara that will make your lashes longer and fuller. Don't just settle for one coat, let it dry for a while then apply 2 more coats. This will really give volume to your lashes and will make highlight the whites of your eyes.



Use eye shadows that will enhance your eye shape. Choose shimmery light eye shadows like gold, or soft bronze to attract more light to your eyes making it appear brighter. Next is to use matte brown eyeshadow to your crease to create depth. Creating dimension to your eyes is the key.



The most commonly used technique is to wear eyeliner. The best way to open up your eyes is to line your eyes with any eyeliner you like and just line the outer half of your eyes. Don't go all the way in. It will make it appear smaller. Another tip is also using a white eyeliner to make it appear bigger.

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Try it and see how it will make your eyes look bigger and brighter!



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