My Everyday Makeup for Rainy Season

Hello Awesome Readers~

It's the Rainy Season again here in the Philippines. For the past few weeks I've been sharing how gloomy the weather had been. The Monsoon Season has already started.

Stepping out with your makeup on will be tricky during rainy days. So I will be sharing some tips today on how you can still sport your pretty YOU though it's raining outside.

I have here my new makeup routine during Rainy Season.

Wearing densed makeup during this season will not work. So sheer and light makeup is prefered to avoid your makeup from smudging and being washed out.

So for the season, I will skip using my liquid foundation and stick to pressed foundation to keep it light and sheer.

Fashion 21 with Milk Moisturizers is my new best friend for the rainy days. It will keep my face oil free and moisturized at the same time without me looking undone.

To conceal those unwanted bags and break outs, use concealers and just concentrate on areas that needed some coverage.

I have here my Ever Bilena Mousse Concealer in Beige and it is the same color as my skin to make it appear like I didn't put any concealer at all while covering my ugly areas like my eyebags and pimples.

Use a lighter concealer to highlight the inner part of your face to bring more light. I use my ELF all over stick in Pure Beige.

For the lips, use soft matte lipsticks. I chose a rich raspberry color from Wetnwild, for I want my lips to stand out~

If you want to use blush, cream blush will be perfect but if you choose powder blush make sure to use something that has good pigmentation and that will last long.

Here I have my Ever Bilena Blush in Earth. I love this color for I can use it as a bronzer as well.

Let's keep it light but still pretty this monsoon season!
Let me hear from you~

Thanks for reading~



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Sandra Y. said...

you're so bless that you have a gift about make ups.. bad for me, i don't.. :( but anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions about all of it... share more about it, surely many of your readers learns a lot from you :)

11gHiEsZeLLe07 said...

can you do a tutorial with this one?...=)

Janet said...

same with ghieszelle's request, hope you could do tutorial on this. I'm really bad when it comes to rainy season. My makeup always gets washout everytime >_<