My Skin Care Routine: The Faceshop's Arsainte Eco-Therapy

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HAPPY TUESDAY! ^^ It's still gloomy and rainy here but I am glad that it's a new day for us to get in touch again.

So for today, I will be sharing my newest SKIN CARE ROUTINE.:) I am so excited to share this to you guys because it took me awhile before I decided to give these items a try. It was given to me by my sweet korean student last 2 years ago and good thing it still not expired. hahaha ^^ Don't worry because I researched and double checked everything to know whether it's expired or not before trying it out.

Here are the products I am currently using for my skin. It's The Face Shop Arsainte Eco Therapy.

My student's mom gave me this complete set and I am just so HAPPY about it! But if you will be wondering why it took me so long before I decided to use it, it is because I am really afraid of using new products especially on my face for it might break me out and cause too much damage. Worst scenario EVER!

But I did some research about this and I am pretty about what I read so finally after less than 2 years I gave this a try.

I checked the expiration date as I mentioned earlier and according to the website I researched i still got 14 more months to use this baby!

DID YOU KNOW that Korean beauty products are commonly labeled by the date of its manufacture and not the date of expiration? So don't fret once you checked the label of your cosmetic items and saw it's the same year because for sure it is just the manufacturing date. YAY for that!!

So let's get into these items deeper.


According to this is a Toner that comforts and relieves stressed & dehydrated skin.It contains essential oils, whch gives a pleasant scent to the toner whilst golden palm oil provides further nutritive moisture to the skin. Because of these oils, an oil layer is visible at the top of the bottle and thus it needs a gentle shake before use. No stabilizer is added so as to deliver this toner in its purest form.

I use this toner after I wash my face and before I put moisturizer. This toner is in two forms, the essential (serum) and the toner itself. So you have to shake it well before using.


A light-weight moisturizer that increases moisture retention. Two essential components are added - Ceramide (a natural moisturizing agent produced by skin) + Lecitin (component of cell membrane) forms Liquid Crystal Emulsion System. This combination strengthens the natural protective function of the skin. * Liquid crystal emulsion system prevents moisture loss to the minimal and leaves the skin feeling thoroughly moisturized and soft.
This is really oily if you apply too much so strictly apply a pea size amount.


A serum specially created to fill up the skin with lavish moisture .It contains White Lupine extract, an excellent moisturizer and skin softener. In addition, Nano Nutritive Hydrasome (nano vesicle containing Argan oil that promotes quick cell regeneration) fortifies skin’s natural protective function to prevent loss of moisture.
I use this at night after I applied my toner. This will help you achieve a softer skin in the morning. Unlike moisturizers, serum can penetrate deep into the layers of your skin so it can really give you deep moisture and hydration.


A long lasting day cream containing highly concentrated moisturizing factors: Hydro gel network melts into the skin for optimized hydration and keeps moisture levels balanced. Lecitin, one of the main component of skin cell membrane that serves as a protective function to keep cell healthy. This day cream supplies immediate moisture and strengthens resilience of the skin.

I haven't tried this yet, it looks reallu helpful for my skin. :)

Here is the letter my student who gave me this skin care products~


There you go guys~

That's my newest skin care routine and I will be updating you soon if i really liked this product or not. I will use this for a week and see if there are any changes and see if i will continue with this.

Thanks for reading~

What is your skin care routine? Let me know~



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