3rd K-Fest in the Philippines!

Hello Awesome Readers~

My Sunday was super productive. After the Ukay-ukay experience with Divine Lee, Kristine and I head straight to another event at SM Megamall.

It was the 3rd Annual K-Pop Festival here in the Philippines held at MegaTrade Hall.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the LOOOOOONG line outside! I know for a fact that many Filipinos are hooked to this K-pop fever but i never realized that they are this MANY!!

LOOK at that! ^^ We were able to spot some Koreans outside the event and I bet there were all in AWE with the pour out support Filipinos show to their stars!

Finally we reached the end of the line where we pay to get in! The entrance fee by the way was 150php.

 Kristine, me and my other friend, Shiela's K-FEST stamp! Weee~~ We're in! ^^

 What a nice welcome Baby Boy Tae Yang! ^^ Thanks for patiently waiting~ CHOS! :)

 This was the big bang area in the festival~ Super daming Bigbang memorabilia!

Other CDs for sale on the event~ ^^

Finally a picture with Baby Boy!! ^^ Tae Yang you look so fly! :) In case, I haven't shared to you I am a super BIG FAN of TAE YANG!!

Girls Generation has it's own throne as well! They have this HUGE exhibit of their CDs and other memorabilias in this area and these GIRLS are really untouchable! There was actually a barrier between this exhibit and the people~ We can't touch nor buy it! SOSYAL~

If you are a Big Bang fanatic, you are ware that they will have a concert here soon on my birthday October 24 and it was sponsored by Jeju Air. Got the chance to take a pic here in their life size picture of Jeju Air. Look how Tae Yang is super CUTE in his super cool sunglasses!

There were also a number of very good looking cosplayers at the event. I managed to take a picture of this guy who is actually portraying another K-pop singer/star but I can't remember who..hahah :) all i know is that he looked like Tae Yang here! ^^ hahah CLOSE~

Aside from K-pop exhibit, The Face Shop also had a FREE MAKEOVER where people can have their hair curled, their nails manicured and even have makeup care of The FACESHOP makeover team! Super great! But as much as we want to do this, there were just too many people lined up so we decided not to anymore.

The event was super successful I must say, as a matter of fact the tickets were sold out immediately. So just imagine the number of people who went there even though it was pouring outside! It was really crazy inside the hall! ^^ But it was fun! I had a great time experiencing this event with my dear friends and I can't wait for BIG BANG concert here! Praying to save up money for that! ^^

Were you here?
Tag me!


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Alice said...

I was supposed to go there but the weather stopped me :( really glad you had a great time there! :)