Meeting Divine Lee Sunday~

Hello Awesome Readers~

You know my love for ukay-ukay and how much I adore finding unique clothings. Well, yesterday, i put my ukay-ukay experience in a whole new level. My friend, Kristine, and I went to this really AMAZING bazaar by our SUPER favorite celebrity/model/blogger, DIVINE LEE. ^^

It was so much fun to be there and get a chance not only to meet her but also to own some of her pre-loved clothes.

This great bazaar was held in Valle Verde 5 covered court last Sunday. It was a bit rainy that morning but it didn't stop us from going there and meeting her finally!

 The DIVINE LEE ukay-ukay area~

 Look at those SHOES!! Super dami. Wonder how big D's shoe collection is. Too bad though, my feet is too small to fit in her ukay shoes :(

I bought D's belt in red for only 35 php! What a steal~

 Bought this nude chiffon blouse at another stall. Got this for only 200 php. :) Love this SOO MUCH!

 This is my friend Kristine. We took a picture while everyone behind us were digging in! They are so fun to watch! ^^ It's like hoarding at it's finest!

The stall where I got the nude chiffon i showed you earlier~ Super dami pa! But it was the only one that caught my eye~

 My pics with D!!

And Victor~

LOVE you all~


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Alice said...

really nice that you were able to drop by! :) Can't wait to see ur picture with Divine :)

Sandra Y. said...

love the nude top! i love ukay2 too!! :) so many cheap finds!! :)

Divine said...

Stumbled upon you post. Thanks for this :) Super cute! Hope to see you again!

Much love,
D (yes, it's really me. tweet me. haha)