Makeup Train Case Organization

Hello Awesome Readers~

Happy OCTOBER! Too bad wasn't able to blog a lot last few days ago but anyway, I am back and I am here to give you updates about what will happen this month!

This Saturday will be one of the big events I will be attending to this month. It is the Bridal event that my friend Arni from Popsiam now Arni Raquid Makeup and I will be their official makeup artists. This is the event we had been preparing for. And this is the reason why we took Bridal Makeup Workshop. The day is getting nearer and I am starting to feel anxious, excited and nervous all at the same time. This is really a serious job for us.

As they say, people get to marry once, unless you are muslim or you want to have more partners in life, that's making the bride look her best in her most special day is so IMPORTANT. This task was given to me and my friend Arni and we will never let those people down.

In line with this big event, I started packing and organizing my makeup train case. That is what I am going to share to you guys. I really hope that this post will be helpful for those who are still starting out with their makeup career and would like to get some tips and ideas on how to organize your tools.

I filmed a video about it and this will explain further how I did it. Hope you enjoy watching and I will update you more soon!



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Samantha Justine Zamora said...

oh i have that bag too! I never really got to use it though. Thanks for showing this!

(following you now via GFC feel free to follow back... ^^)

Arrienne said...

Hi samantha! Thanks for reading~ The back I got from SM department store maybe you got yours there too~ ^^

Will follow you!


Love your train case! It looks so vintage :) I really enjoyed blog walking through your blog. I love blogs with lots of photos that tell a story!

I just followed your blog, hoping you can visit mine too and maybe get a follow back? :) Would very much appreciate it! Thank you and more power to you!


Arrienne said...

Hello~Thanks for dropping by~ I really appreciate it~ I will definitely sub back! :)

LOVE, Arrienne