Excel Paris Matte Lip Creams

Hello Awesome Readers~

It's been awhile. I am still alive~ 

Few weeks ago, my dear friend Mik who has an online shop in Facebook was really kind enough to give this privilege to test these getting so popular lip product for her lovely buyers. She didn't even stop there, she even let me try not just one but the complete collection. It was really overwhelming. You all know my love for lipsticks that's why I am super happy to be given this chance.

For sure a lot of you have heard about Excel Paris matte lip creams. According to my research and to some other bloggers I've read who already did a review on this, Excel Paris Matte lip creams are made in Germany. It was even coined as a cheaper version of NYX's lip creams as well. Since the day it was released in the online shop sphere it has been the talk of the town. Let's not ignore the fact that these babies are so CHEAP! I was really shocked when I saw the prices it ranges from 50-80pesos per piece. Where in the world can you buy a lip cream in that amount?? For some, this had been heaven sent. 

I really want to share what I think about Excel Paris' lip creams performance in this post. I would definitely be honest with you guys and rest assured that all you will read in here are my pure judgement and derived from my own experience from 2 weeks of testing these products out.


First Impression.
The product's packaging is not the best but it can be better. I guess with the value of the lip creams, it justifies why it was only packed that way.

The first time i tried it, I was so impressed with how pigmented the colors are. It was literally like a lip paint once applied. I haven't tried OCC lip tars before but based on the videos I've watched I can say that the pigmentation of Excel Paris lip creams are comparable if not exactly like OCC lip tar. It can be a good dupe.

When it comes to  texture, it is true that it is quite drying because it dries matte and it's not your typical glossy lip creams. If you have dry lips, it would really help if you put lip balm first to protect your lips from cracking severely. Just a helpful tip though, to make your lipstick last longer after applying your favorite lip balm, apply a thin coat of concealer on top of it. This will not only eliminate the natural color of your lips but it will also fill in the natural creases of your lips to avoid having chappy looking lips. Hence, making it look more appealing and perfect!

The product's longevity is AMAZING. It stays on all day. Eat, drink, lick your lips, it will still be there! Trust me!

Over all, I think Excel Paris Matte Lip Creams are good for its price. There will be nothing wrong if you give this a try. Who knows, it might be your go to lipstick after few days of swatching and testing.

Now it is time for you to see the 12 beautiful colors of Excel Paris in close up!~ I hope you enjoy reading this blog post and if you are interested to give this a try feel free to give my friend's online shop a visit and leave her a comment~ Here is the link Cuties and Charms. By the way, she also sells a whole lot of cute novelties and accessories in her shop. I really suggest you check it out!

There you go guys!~ Hope you like this review~ Let me know what you think!



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BlaBla said...

Hello I want to order this lipstick, could you say me a website to order it? i don´t find it in the internet

Arrienne said...

Hi Blabla! Unfortunately, these lippies are already sold out. I'm so sorry.