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Social media plays such a big role in our society. It has the power to change the norms, influence people and even inventing new coined words that we can no longer "live without" everyday life. Selfie is an instagram slang meaning self-portrait or it's just basically a picture of you taken by you.

Almost everyone is doing the selfie trend. This has been a phenomenon and people all over the globe share the same interest of taking pictures of themselves while doing random chores - selfie while eating in a restaurant, selfie in the car, selfie before leaving the house, selfie of your outfit and even selfie while taking a shower. In this time and age, if you don't know what a selfie means, you are stuck in the 80's.

I prepared easy tips and tricks when taking a selfie. Something people can all relate to and i think this would be a fun topic to talk about on the blogosphere and youttube world.


Makeup is just an option when taking selfie. If you want to take snap shots of yourself on-the-go and wouldn't have time to do this step it's okay, you can skip on it.

But just for reference, here are some makeup tips you can take in consideration when taking a selfie.

Just apply your makeup as usual but make sure to enhance your eyes and lips. These are the two most important features you want to focus on. For the eyes, accentuate it with dramatic and full blast black mascara. I used my Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Curl mascara. And for my lips, I opted for a pop of color and chose a neautral reddish tone called Nude from Enchanted.

Now for the SELFIE TIPS and TRICKS!

TIP #1: The Background

Avoid unnecessary and clattered background. If you can find a clean, plain or well organized place for your selfie background, that would be great! You want to draw attention  to your beautiful face not to the undergarments lying behind you.

TIP #2: Lighting

This is the key for taking beautiful selfies. Find a spot where you can get natrual lighting. Natural lighting is at its best during the first few hours in the morning and last few hours before night time.

TIP #3: Smart Phone

There are a lot smart phones available now in the market that will not hurt your budget. Choose for a smart phone with front and back camera for you to be able to take selfies with or without another person to help you with.

TIP #4: Install Photography Apps and Use Filters

There are a lot of free apps on photography in the market today. Using apps will not only enhance your photos but will also take your selfie into a whole new different level. You can edit, crop and even use various filters to beautify your photos. Some of my favorites are Camera 360, Cymera and Decopic. For editing apps, I like PicsArt, Pixlr Express and Photo Squarer. Photo Squarer is best for making your photos fit the instagram default picture size.

I also love trying different filters and here are some of my favorites:

From Camera 360

From Instagram

TIP #5: Be Yourself

Above all else, the best way to look Instagram-worthy on your selfies is just to be yourself. Smile naturally, be silly at times if you want to, after all it really doesn't matter what other people say, the most important thing is you LOVE yourself and always remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions and anything you would like to add, feel free to leave a comment below, I will trully appreciate it! Let's follow each other on Instagram, leave me a PM on my facebook page or share your selfie moment there as well! ^^

Don't forget to watch my Youtube video for this! You will surely like it!

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