5 Simple Ways to Cover a Big Zit

Hello Awesome Readers~

Every now and then, I get big zits around my face that I can blame on stress, menstrual cycle and dirt. I usually don't mind it, but it somehow affects the entire canvas. Don't let these zits get in the way and ruin your perfect day! With a little magic and tricks, big zits can easily be gone!

I'll be sharing some tips and tricks I do to cover a big zit. But to tell you honestly, I think my zits heal better and faster when I leave it alone and when I don't pile makeup on it. Just in case you want to "temporarily" cover those zits away for a special day out or for a night out then these simple ways will be perfect for you!

STEP 1: Color Correct

This step is the KEY I must tell you! To counteract redness use a green concealer - preferrably a creamy one then taking in your Q-tip simply pat it in on the tip or top of your zit, making sure that you won't pass the circumference of the zit itself. As much as possible keep it within the problematic area unless you want to highlight your big zit even more. You will only be needing a really tiny amount using the tip of your Q-tip. Do not blend it yet. (15 pc. Dollface Concealer Palette)

STEP 2: Yellow Base Concealer

Or in short skin tone concealer. Apply this using the other end of your Q-tip then gently pat it in to your zit. This will create an illusion that it's just your skin. It will also lesson the appearance of the bumps of your zit. Once applied, blend it really well with the help of your fingers as well. (BYS Concealer in Medium)

STEP 3: Foundation

Apply your foundation as usual but with extra care when you reach the parts where your zits are. Pat the brush gently as to not to erase when you just concealed a while ago.(Pinkie Swear Cream Foundation)

STEP 4: Powder

To set everything in place use a powder. This will avoid your makeup smeering all over the place. (FS Powder Foundation in Organza)

STEP 5: Distraction

Now, you've done all you can do to conceal your zit, it's time to put the attention somewhere else. Draw attention to different parts of your face by simple highlighting or emphasizing them. For the eyes, I made a cat-eyed look to make it more dramatic and I kept my blush simple by veering away from redish or too pinkish tones. I used a light peach one for my blush (Enchanted Coral Blush). And for my lips, I used a baby pink lip tint to complete the look (Etude House Lip Tint).

It should look better and your zits will be gone in no time!

Have fun trying! And I'll talk to you all again soon! ~



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Shayne said...

i like how you edit your pics and the added details on the videos. btw sis whats are those blinking flowers on your background? it looks nice :)

Arrienne said...

Thank you so much Shane! Those are Christmas lights~ :)